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Scentsy SALE

top 10 of my favorites

First of all this is the 1st week back for my kids! Thank you thank you but no applause is needed, i wanted to get back to doing what i love sharing awesome products i pick up along the way, and well today will be my scentsy overview!!

We all are ready for fall but let’s not forget about those awesome deals we see popping up all over the place for summer items and in this case scents! With the kids being gone all day and me working from home i can finally enjoy a nice aroma and not the baffling plague of unwanted smells a mother can always count on! Seriouly what the heck??? But anyway i recently made a few orders and am so excited i wanted to share!


Classic elegant design you can never go wrong!!


Score! Add a sporty kick to your little leaguer’s bedroom or showcase your favorite sport in the family game room or Dad’s hideaway. From fall ball to the first goal in spring, die-hard fans can collect all four of our sports-themed Warmers — Slam Dunk!, Home Run!, Goal! and  Touchdown! — to swap out each season.

Got this one for my son


It’s teatime! This dusty pink teapot is topped with a delicate rosebud and an embossed, scalloped pattern.
It’s teatime! This dusty pink teapot is topped with a delicate rosebud and an embossed, scalloped pattern.


And my daughter loves this one!!!!!  Also on sale!!!

Scent bar sale!!!

So many choices I cant help but LOVE them all but here are my top scents!

SHAKA SCENTSY BAR  Going out so you better order fast! It smells amazing!!!!

LUNA SCENTSY BAR (by the way they are all on SALE!!)







So there you have it, great deals and after a very long summer why not enjoy and treat yourself to some amazing scents to boost your day or at leaste make it smell better!!!


Check out what is coming up in the fall and follow this link New items coming soon!!

Close your eyes and feel the warmth of a sunny day, the ocean breeze combing your hair, a handful of freshly picked wildflowers. Wherever you wish to go, our fragrances can take you there. Explore the categories below to discover what’s new — then map your perfect Scentsy experience.


Back to school must haves




KEEP YOUR BUM COOL: No one likes the feeling of sticky and sweaty buns while sitting down. ChiroDoc UltraCool Orthopedic Seat Cushion is an upgrade from the original Orthopedic Seat Cushion, catered to keep bums cool and comfortable. With the Earth’s hottest summer arriving at our doorstep, we wanted to create a coccyx cushion that adapts to the scorching hot weather. Perforated design and cover lets your bum breathe and survive the heat.

DESIGNED TO FIT YOUR BUM SHAPE AND SIZE: Unlike other seat cushions, the ChiroDoc UltraCool Memory Foam Seat Cushion was carefully designed with your bum’s needs in mind, conforming to the natural contours of the body, no matter what shape or size. Perfect for men and women, both young and old, these cushions also help pregnant women alleviate the weight of carrying their baby while sitting.

RELIEVES BACK, SCIATICA AND COCCYX PAIN: Suffering bums are now a thing of the past. If you are a victim of lower back or sciatica pain, this coccyx cushion can make a world of improvement in your life. It gives you the right support that makes sitting not just tolerable, but enjoyable again. Takes away pain by relieving direct stress and pressure from your tailbone & spine. This unique memory foam cushion prevents numbness and other types of pain brought by prolonged sitting.

IMPROVES YOUR POSTURE: Proper posture makes a huge difference when sitting on a desk all day. Stress on your back decreases with the right posture, making you look good while sitting, while helping you avoid injury. It corrects your posture by relieving pressure points and facilitating correct lumbar curvature. It promotes proper spine alignment and helps you get through the daily grind with ease.

THE CHIRODOC DIFFERENCE: This coccyx cushion is designed with the highest quality materials to never go flat. Our Memory Foam is softer than that of other cushions while retaining its form even after extended periods of use. It has a dust mite resistant cover inside that seals off dust mites from breeding and releasing fecal matter that can flare up allergic reactions which is perfect for people who suffer from allergies and asthma. Our main concern is your comfort and rest.


I got this item for free/discounted for my honest review, and my bottom couldn’t be happier.

i highly recommend you try this





LARGE SIZE; carries more items, dimensions of 21 x 13.4 compared to other organizers which measure 10.8 x 8.4
GRAY AND WHITE CHEVRON LINING; backseat organizer for car makes it super-cute for car storage, looks luxurious in all cars.
DURABLE; made of tough material with faultless sewing.
REINFORCED STRAPS; better attachment on seats and for lasting strength. Comes with extra-long adjustable top and bottom straps for a perfect fit in most modern vehicles
BACKED BY 100% Satisfaction Guarantee…hassle free replacement warranty. Click the Orange button to Order Now!

I used this item for a gift for a friend of mine, she has a 3 year old and she has to do tons of driving this was a simple way to help her on her travels as she wasn’t blindly driving while trying to reach a cup, teddy bear or whatever a 3 year old has dropped and needs asap.

Awesome Prodcuts you need



Looking for peace of mind in emergency survival situations?

Wanting that extra edge in the battle between life and death?

Needing to take charge of you and your loved ones’ safety?

**SURVIVOR X Fire Starter is Made Just for You
– No gimmick – just the best darn ultra compact fire starter you can buy.
– Smaller than a pen – the most useful survival gear is the one that you can carry with you everywhere.
 Waterproof design – aerial aluminum construction with rubber gaskets.
 Instant fire – hot sparks reaching 5,500F and independently sealed cotton swab.
– Prepare like a survivor – for hiking, camping, hunting, boating, fishing.

**Save Your Life
Fire is one of the top priorities in an emergency situation, as the body can quickly lose heat, which leads to hypothermia – a potentially deadly scenario. Fire will also kill parasites in the water and food you consume, as well as keep the wild animals and pesky insects away in the dark. SURVIVOR X fire starter improves your chance of survival.

**Choice of Survival Experts
Experts agree that the most useful survival tool is the one you actually carry with you in an emergency situation. This is why SURVIVOR X fire starter is designed to be the size of a pen – small and light enough so you’ll always have it with you.

**Product Specs

Length: 10.5cm (4.1in)
Diameter: 1cm (0.4in)
Weight: 25g (1.1 ounces)

Aerial aluminum + premium grade magnesium.



this fire starter is awesome my husband took it from me as soon as he saw it, and i have yet to get it back so that alone should say it is well worth it!




Did you know having flowers in your home increases happiness, reduces depression and anxiety and actually can increase emotional contact with friends and family.
Give yourself or anyone else a our fresh beautiful flower seed kit with over fifty species of wildflowers. It’s a perfect gift for mom, sister, co-worker or friend. Just about anyone who enjoys gardening will appreciate our kit.
EcoFarms products are created with two goals in mind–quality & innovation. Gardening is a great activity that bring’s families closer together and our gardening gift kits come presented in a fresh beautiful box to excite people about the activity. It’s the perfect small gift.
We hand pack each tube with enough seeds to create a beautiful home garden. The seeds have a high germination rate because we pack our boxes in small lots and since our heirloom kits rarely sit on the shelves for more than a few weeks– they are always fresh.
Includes annuals, perrenials, daisies, zinnia’s, cosmos, and other beautiful flowers
You can also learn more about how having flower’s around your house will make you happier day to day. The kit includes a basic instruction card for getting your plants going.
We include over fifty species of perennials, annuals, sunflowers, and daisies. Spread the seeds in pots in your house, or in an outdoor garden and build a better and happier environment to live in.

I am so inlove with these!!! So cute and the packaging alone is the cutest for seeds, i would buy these no atter what!

Why buy vegetable seed packets that are usually produced in bulk when you can give yourself or anyone else a fresh beautiful kit with real Organic Vegetable seeds. It’s a known fact that organic heirloom seeds are being produced in smaller quantities every year. Hybrid seeds are slowly phasing out our vegetable diversity. Our seeds are saved direct from the crops and sold in small quantities.
EcoFarms products are created with two goals in mind–quality & innovation. Gardening is a great activity that bring’s families closer together and our kits come presented in a fresh beautiful box to excite people about the activity. Teach your family or friends about growing their own food for themselves and experience some of the best varieties of vegetables ever grown on the planet. We include TEN of the best variety of seeds ever sown. We hand pack each tube with enough organic seeds to create a beautiful home garden. The seeds have a high germination rate because we pack our boxes in small lots and since our heirloom kits rarely sit on the shelves for more than a few weeks– they are always fresh.



I am hooked they just gained a new customer, i know everyone will be so happy with this awesome set up! Makes for a perfect gift too!!

more must haves for summer


  • 3 MODES for different occasions- Low (Inter 4 LED bulbs), Middle (Outer 24 LED bulbs), High (All 28 LED bulbs), one-year money back warranty
    ADJUSTABLE CLAMP- Pole mounted fit tightly for most umbrellas with a 35mm to 43mm diameter pole, also can be hung on anywhere with two hooks
    AA Battery Operated Night Light- Requires 4 AA batteries for the light (commonly available batteries can be purchased anywhere), NOT INCLUDED
    TOP quality thick black ABS shell- lightweight but durable, can be used as umbrella light, camping tent light, temporary emergency light, reading light, etc
    EASY INSTALLATION- No Tools Required. No more unsightly wires and extension cords hanging on your umbrella

This made our summer nights so much more enjoyable, easy to use and give perfect lighting!




Experience brilliant, AILIHEN® SE-01 in ear headphone designed for active lifestyles. The In-Ear Wired Sport is perfect for the consumer that demands more out of life.

Designed for Sport Life

Engineered for runners and gym-goers, the AILIHEN SE-01 is the most advanced and ergonomic sports earphone, combining a secure fit that never falls out with dynamic sound and a rugged, sweat-resistant construction.Developed for training in any conditions, AILIHEN® endure through rain and sweat.

Microphone & Remote

This sleek new headphone features a straight wire cable with inline microphone and remote also allows for total control over music playback and phone functions on Apple®, Android®, and Blackberry® devices.

Ultra Comfort & Ideal Fit

In-Ear design seals music in and noise out, Includes Small, Medium, and Large Ear Tips to fit everyone’s ear hole size.


Sport SE-01 in-ear earphones
3 pairs of silicone eartips(S,M,L)
Shirt clip, attached to the cable
User manual&Warranty


These are a great additions for those of us that live active lifestyles! Chech it out!






PERFECT BUNDLE Steamer fit most pot works PERFECT with 2 mitts together make your kitchen job easier
NICE GRIP MITTS will cover your fingers and palm fits for you and also your little helper
KEEPS VEGGIE NUTRITION and SHAPE by sturdy base, basket top pattern lines to steaming out of water
EASY CLEAN Dishwasher safe, no stain, no rust, non-stick, no fuss cleaning and no rough scrubbing
QUALITY ASSURANCE FDA approved FOOD GRADE silicone, non-toxic, no odor, 500F HEAT RESISTANT

This Bundles are handy tools to have in the kitchen also the BEST ACCESSORIES for Instant Pot and Pressure Cookers. The rose red color matches your other cooking gadgets and makes them easy to find when you need them.
As a steamer, it works great for steaming vegetables, fruit, seafood, hot dogs and hard boiled eggs, also great for making baby food! Simply set it in a larger pot or pan with 1-inch depth water, locking handles and close the lid when it’s ready for steaming or blanching.
As a strainer, you can use it to wash and drain fruits and vegetables, drain the grease off of stir fry meats or drain the hot water from boiled spaghetti. You can also put the steamer on top of pot when you boiling spaghetti or cooking soup, it will stop over boiled.
We use FOOD GRADE PREMIUM FDA approved silicone which THICKER than the most products in the market, HEAT RESISTANT up to 500 Fahrenheit or 260 degrees Celsius and is safe for the oven and freezer. It is stable and not changing the flavour or releasing odours that might affect food quality.
It’s EASY to clean, you can soak it in hot sudsy water and wash, let it air dry or put on top rack of the dishwasher.
Cuisinework carefully picked our products from thousands of suppliers, we only sell products that meet your expectation, solve your problems and make your live easier.


these are so easy to clean and work super well! you need this


Cocktail Shaker Set by Bar Brat | 24 oz Built-In Strainer


ar Brat has done it again with their fourth product, the Premium Cocktail Shaker.  Their cocktail shaker is made of premium 304 stainless steel and comes with a double sided jigger.

The packaging is unique, stylish and sleek.  This is the perfect gift for anyone who loves a good cocktail.  On top of that, it is reasonable priced.




perfect for those summer nights and you need a little cocktail to take the sting of the texas summer sun off! I love my set up! Barbrat is a great brand i love and trust!




Sound Intone Fodable HD850 Kids Headphones With  Microphone, Share Function and Remote Control

1.Super soft earmuff and headband that is more comfortable for long time wear.Braided wire,durable tensile effectively reduce the external resistance.
2.Lightweight,comfortable design with adjustable folding breathable headband for comfort and secure fit,easy and convenient to carry.
3.High-fidelity stereo sound ,great noise cancelling headsets headphones.
4.With built-in microphone and remote control to answer and end calls,gold plated 3.5 mm audio jack for all your devices.
5.Compatiable with android cellphones,smartphones,iphones,ipad,ipod touch,macbook,tablets,etc.And different colors for your choice.


These fit so well, most of my headphones get taken over by children! Well i have managed to keep these for myself, they are so soft yet strong it is a great buy!


Stainless Steel Beer Mug & Coffee Mug by Bar Brat | Bonus Lid Included Your Favorite Beer With The Best Beer Mug On The Planet
Why drink your beer in a glass that sweats. Don’t you hate it when the handle gets cold as well? Wouldn’t it be nice to have a mug that is double air insulated and perfect for any man that loves beer? Bar Brat’s steel mug will do just that.

Primary Features
– Comes with air tight bonus lid for coffee/tea drinkers
– Made of 304 Premium Stainless Steel
– Holds up to 16.9 ounces of fluid with enough room for beer head
– Comes in an elegant package making it great for gifts
– 100% BPA Free and dishwasher safe
– Lifetime money back guarantee

Primary Benefits
– Double Air Insulated keeping your beer colder for longer or your coffee hotter for longer
– Can hold an entire pint of beer
– Handle remains room temperature
– Steel mug is dishwasher safe
– Never worry about the beer mug sweating because it is double wall insulated.
– Comes with a BONUS LID for travelers, coffee and tea drinkers.
– 100% Lifetime money back guarantee.

Click the ADD TO CART BUTTON above for a Revolutionary Beer Experience.

I love this and it made a wonderful fathers day gift!



#steadydoggie tumbler


I am so in love with these tumblers! Is so much less than a yeti and is just as good, keeps my coffee hot for hours, yes really hours, and my cold drinks cold just the same, i love it, i have been using it all day everyday since i got it! I cant tell you how great they are you will need to go get one for yourself today! Check out the link and go buy you own! It is awesome!

  • PREMIUM QUALITY DOUBLE VACUUM INSULATED STAINLESS STEEL 304 (18/8) TUMBLER MUG – our stainless steel tumbler is manufactured for product durability so that it can withstand the toughest conditions. It can maintain hot liquid beverages for up to 10 hours, and keep drinks chilled for up to 20 hours with no sweating or condensation. Therefore, you do not need a coaster nor a glove as it will not stain your furniture or car and keep your hand dry and comfortable holding that drink.
    BONUS LID WITH ANTI SPILLAGE SILICONE STOPPER: Your double wall insulated stainless steel tumbler comes with an additional lid and silicone stopper. We feel it thoughtful to include these items from our customer comments. Misplaced the tumbler lid ? Need to have your coffee on the go? No problem ! With your spare lid in the drawer and the silicone stopper, bring your beverage with you in the car or on that long road trip. You will savour that drink long after you have started your journey !
    TOUGH STAINLESS STEEL AND DISHWATER PROOF – ideal for tough conditions, this double walled vacuum insulated tumbler mug is manufactured from tough stainless steel and is perfect for indoors or outdoors, at home, at the office, at a campsite or a picnic. It will survive drops and collisions without breaking. Deep groove technology is employed during manufacture to ensure our tumbler mug is leak proof and sweat proof. Our tumbler is dishwasher safe resulting in easy maintenance.
    BPA FREE STAINLESS STEEL INSULATED DOUBLE WALL VACUUM TUMBLER – our tumbler mug, lid and stopper do not leach chemicals or alter the taste of your beverage unlike some plastic water bottles. Our tumbler is manufactured from the highest food grade vacuum insulated stainless steel technology resulting in a product which is BPA free, sweat proof and leak proof. They are also free of phthalates, lead or other toxins which makes it one of the safest drink tumblers you can buy.crushed ice in front of the white background .



crushed ice in front of the white background .

New products you need

Here is a list of new products you need this summer!


Strong & Durable – Made from the highest quality weather resistant 210T nylon with interlocked triple stitched seams, guaranteed to hold 450 lbs. Incorporated anti-flip design makes it safe and easy to use. Also features included stainless steel carabiners and nautical grade nylon rope cinch points to assure your new hammock is ready when you are.

★ All Inclusive – 11′ Poly-Filament Webbed tree straps with incorporated dual looped stainless steel lashing ring and unique triple running stitch to prevent stretching while still allowing simple setup. Included with every hammock purchase!

★ Versatile – The double camping hammocks measure 9′ 10″ long by 6′ 6″ wide (300cm x 200cm). When it’s not in use it conveniently folds into the included gear pouch measuring 6″x 8″ and only weighs 18 ounces which makes it the perfect portable hiking or backpacking hammock. (Check out our indoor hammock hanging kit for even more versatility)

★ Easy Clean Up – Patented colorfast nylon ensures that there is no fading or bleeding when you toss it into the machine washer after your adventure. Hammock easily folds into the attached gear pouch while tree straps roll up into an included nylon carrying case.

★ Reliable Customer Service – Every purchase is backed with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If you’re not thrilled, simply contact our reliable customer service team and know you will receive unmatched personal assistance.


This is an awesome hammock! It is so giant and so well made i was very happy with it! Relaxing in the backyard while the kids ran around playing it was a wonderful way for me (the mom) to get to relaxing down time and running the energy out of the kids.






A perfect 12 oz Tea Cup for brewing loose leaf tea or enjoying coffee:

Our tea Cup set has everything you need to make an enjoyable cup of tea, coffee or any other beverage your heart desires. Equipped with a saucer, lid and tea infuser, this is the perfect tea brewing system set to make the best beverage. Make loose leaf tea, chai tea, black tea, yerba mate, green tea Or pour your coffee K cup into the mug to keep it warmer longer. The possibilities are endless!

What are the benefits of our contemporary Teaveli tea mug? 

-Comes with an elegantly designed saucer to hold your beverage or to place cookies on
-Insulated ceramic lid to keep your tea warm and delicious
-A simple way to brew 12 oz of your favorite tea
-Microwave and dishwasher safe
-Easy and simple to use
-100% satisfaction guarantee

Why Buy From Us? 

We pride ourselves on high quality tea mugs and loose leaf tea. Our manufacturing facility abides by the most stringent safety requirements and all products are inspected before shipment. We offer a no questions asked 100% money back guarantee because we are very confident you will love our tea cup. Try our Organic and natural teas to see and feel an amazing difference in your health.

This made a lovely gift for my daughter who loves hot teas! It is so pretty and well made she is very happy!





Rid your home of unruly pet stains and odors – Zesty Paws’ Pet Stain & Odor Remover residue-free stain & odor remover works on a plethora of water-safe surfaces to help restore them to their former glory. As proud pet owners, we understand that our beloved pets can have accidents that stain surfaces; our product works on accidents including, but not limited to:
– Urine and feces
– Vomit and blood
– Food
– Other forms of waste

Our powerful, Pet Stain & Odor Remover may be used on a variety of surfaces, such as:
– Carpet
– Upholstery
– Fabric
– Hardwood floors
– Concrete
– Tile

Make zesty paws your go-to source for premium pet supplements and unbeatable customer support:
– Massive 32 oz. bottle for best value
– Special residue-free, pet-friendly formula
– Made in FDA-registered facilities that are GMP certified
– Manufactured in the USA


i used this item to clean my father-in-laws house it works so well!!!




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 AYL TF89 Bright 900 Lumens CREE XM-L2 LED Tactical Torch Flashlight, Perfect For Hiking, Camping, Blackouts and Emergencies!

Weather Resistant Anodized Aluminum Alloy Body – Industrial Grade, Most Versatile Light Available!
5 MODES: High, Medium, Low Beam, Strobe and an SOS function. Zoomable to use anywhere.
Easy Operation: Either click button to switch modes, OR Light tap button to switch modes quickly!
— CREE XM-L2 LED light can last for more than 100,000 hours. Powered by 3*AAA batteries (not included) and 1*2200mAh 18650 Rechargeable Battery (INCLUDED).


  • THE ULTIMATE PACK (120 Pieces including 112 labels of 14 beautiful unique shapes in addition to 8 chalkboard sticky sheets). Our pack is simply the most unique and best value for money pack available on the market.
  • BEST VALUE FOR MONEY: 8 sheets of 8 different shapes – size 3.5″ x 2″ or 9 x 5cms + 8 sheets of 6 different shapes – size 3.5″ x 3.5″ or 9 x 9cms + 8 chalkboard sheets – size 8″ x 10″ or 21 x 25cms
  • TOP QUALITY – Made of Top Quality Black PVC with Non Toxic Glue, our chalkboard labels are easy to wipe (with a damp cloth), durable and reusable. You can use regular chalk or a liquid chalk pen to write on them.
  • VERSATILITY – They can be used in different ways: To embellish anything from jars, cups, jugs to plant pots or to add a special touch of chic, fun and entertainment to your parties and special occasions such as weddings. Whether you are looking to organize your kitchen pantry or home office, our chalkboard labels are great for that.
  • GET CREATIVE – We have included 8 chalkboard sticky sheets to use for your arts and craft projects. You can stick them together to create a wall chalkboard for office or for the kids. You can also use the sheets to create your own stickers in any shape you want.
  • 20160511146049b76e0fa70da834bc6faa22c1310ef8354d6f



Our Glowing Earbuds feature illuminated cables that pulse to the music for a uniquely fun experience. Turn the lights on while jogging to increase your visibility, or turn the lights off when you want to blend in. A noise isolating design, in-line play controls, and microphone round out these unique earbuds.

Stereo earbuds with a glowing cable
Soft comfortable fit
Built-in microphone
Play/pause button
In-ear design provides background noise isolation
Powerful bass and treble sound
Gold plated headphone plug
3.9 ft cord
Driver: 10mm
Frequency response: 20 – 20K Hz
Nominal impedance: 16 ohms
Sensitivity: 95dB/mW



Specially designed Baking Pastry Scraper Dough Blender tools are sturdy,Comfortable non slip rubber handle absorbs pressure.


  • ☞ High-grade stainless steel Pastry Scraper&Dough Blenderwith a super comfortable, hardwearing, non-slip, ergonomic rubber handle.
    ☞ Dishwasher safe for easy cleanup.You can put it under air drying after you wash.Pastry Scraper&Dough Blender are made by stainless steel.
    ☞ The scraper can be use for chop and divide dough of rolls and loaves, measure and cut.Even Even cut brownies, scrape your counters and more.
    ☞ Pastry / dough blender from Uvistar. Comfort Grip handle and sturdy stainless steel blends. Use to easily blend together thicker ingredients.
    ☞ Specially designed Baking Pastry Scraper Dough Blender tools are sturdy,Comfortable non slip rubber handle absorbs pressure.




each item listed is so great! (it has to be to make it on the lists that i give y’all)


Please look at each link and check these items out!

Everything you need this summer


Looking for new exciting products to start the summer off right!

Here is a list of must haves- everything you need this summer


re You Ready To Get Sleek, Sexy, Natural Hair?
No more of those annoying coils and curls. No more having to use the **** dryer that is slowly killing your hair. No more of putting up with extensions and weaves that everyone can tell is fake and unnatural. No more of feeling insecure as your genetically lucky friends have naturally straight and sleek hair. Just no more!
What straightener are you using? What beauty salon are you going to? How long did it take for your hair to get like that? These are the questions you will be getting used to. The funny thing is, they are not asking the right ones.
Beautonics has released the most advanced hair brush straightener on the market! Get rid of those cheap tools that take forever to heat and make your hair feel straw-like and dead. Invest in the health and beauty of your hair!

I will be making a youtube video to add in this post later but for now! This truly is a must have! In the summer it is such a pain to keep you hair looking nice, and if you are like me i have children at home during the summer time so time to fox my hair is cut in half or less. But this brush is the answer to your problems easy to use and takes no time at all! I have super long hair and normally it can take an hour or more just to fix it but with this brush i can have my hair fixed and looking great in 15 minutes if I take my time! Go check it out and look for my video!!!





  • The included high capacity 26650 lithium-ion battery provides long runtime and easy recharging
    Powerful ultra-bright XM-L T6 Cree LED chip provides a high light output compared to others
    Strong aluminum exterior provides both security and durability
    Adjustable focus zoom lens allows you to easily switch from a narrow beam to widespread coverage
    Easily recharge the light whenever the power is low thanks to the included 18650 battery charger
    Don’t struggle with dim flashlights or worry about corroded batteries

The super bright BYB LED tactical flashlight combines a powerful light with
the convenience of a long runtime, rechargeable power cell

Ultra-Bright: The maximum 700 lumen ultra-bright Cree super-silicon carbide,
single-die, XM-L LED chip is powerful enough to light up an entire room, or zoom in on distant objects

Battery: Powerful 26650 3.7v 2200mAh lithium-ion battery imbedded with a protected circuit board

5 Modes: Simply tap the button to change modes: high, medium, and low beam as well as strobe and SOS signaling features

Versatile: Zoom-lens provides either a long-distance super-bright beam or a wide coverage flood light

Durable: Strong aluminum body provides water resistance
while the quality lens and premium parts are engineered for years of use
The battery cell is rechargeable up to 500 times

Dependable: No need to worry about power failures, walks at night, camping, hiking
fishing or any dark environment

Size: Its compact design and balanced weight-to-size ratio make it ideal for everyone
Small enough to take virtually anywhere, but large enough for demanding lighting needs

The BYB LED tactical flashlight includes everything you need:
– BYB LED flashlight with lanyard
– 18650 battery charger
– Premium 26650 3.7v 2200mAh lithium-ion battery and plastic 18650 battery sleeve
– AAA Battery Holder for use with AAA batteries (not included)

This little flashlight is so awesome! Perfect for upcoming camping trips or late night at the lake! It is so bright (light up the world) it is so bright! It is very well made and small enough that it will be easy to pack it up for on the go or around the house needs! Throw out your old giant flashlight with a dull glow and get this! Check out the link below!




Your furbabies need a little something this summer too! This is a great supplement to add to their food great for cats and dogs! So it is a perfect combo for my household! They love the taste and I really can see a difference in their coats!

  • A Tasty Pet Treat With Body Nourishing Benefits – Zesty Paws’ Pure Salmon Oil is an all-natural supplement that keeps dogs and cats looking and feeling healthy from the inside out. This capsule-free formula makes for a great food topping on regular meals with a delicious flavor that all pets will go wild for.
    Packed with Powerful Omega-3 Nutrients, this premium product is rich with Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids derived from EPA and DHA to deliver vital nutrients that keep coats soft, bodies healthy, and skin hydrated and itch-free. Works great with small, medium and large breeds!

The list of benefits are endless, and your pet will love you for it!

– Keeps skin hydrated and itch-free

– Nourishes their coat for a fuller and softer touch

– Keeps their joints lubricated and functional

– Supports the immune and cardiovascular system

Make Zesty Paws your go-to source for premium pet supplements and unbeatable customer support.

– Convenient 16 fl oz bottle for simple storage

– Easy, mess-free pump-bottle dispenser. No capsules needed.

– Made in FDA-registered facilities that are GMP certified

– Manufactured in the USA







So are you planning on going out over the summer if so here is a great accent piece you will need!

Round Black Onyx Drop Earrings with free form Spiral Design
• Comfortable Everyday Earrings that will Complement any Outfit or Style
• Measuring About 1/2″ in size
• Chick and Elegant Vintage look Silver earrings
• 925 Sterling Silver Wire & Hook Secure Closure backs


Super cute and can go with almost everything! Would make a great gift item too, and it is very affordable!


(i can think of a perfect dress from that would look great with check them out to for fashion ideas and a new dress)


So there you have it a great little list to start off right! I will be posting more items soon plus look out for my upcoming special on Raven Bombshell Clothing!

I am so inlove with them!


This is a sponsored post!


Have a great day and thanks for reading!





InewVision VR Magic Box with Bluetooth Remote



InewVision Virtual Reality 3D Glasses with Bluetooth Remote Controller Virtual Glasses (VR headset With Remote)

1. The virtual reality headset is used to watch 3D movie. You just need to download “VR Games” Apps or”3D Split Screen” Videos to your smartphone.
2. Apply with any mobile phones within the size of 177mm*98mm, 4 – 6.5 inches.
3. The lenses is focus on the screen clearly, Myopia less than 600 degree is ok to use this item without wearing glasses, but not for presbyopia.
4. Designed with adjustable strap, you can adjust it to the most comfortable size.
5. No more than 2 hours each watching time.
6. Fully enclosed design: we covered the interface with sponge to avoid the leak of outer light, for the best immersive experience.

PACKAGE INCLUDED: 1 x VR Headset 3D Glasses 1 x VR Headset User Manual 1 x Cleaning cloth 1 x Bluetooth Remote Controller 

These are so much fun! We had such a great time playing it and there are all kinds of games to download for free and remote makes it so much fun and it is very easy to use and like i said so much fun! I was playing last night, for the 1st time and i got spooked by things jumping out at me in the game and i screamed and almost knocked the headset of my head the kids laughed so hard and we had such a great time, it is a great product made very well, adjustable head piece and tons of fun here is the link to buy yours today!

#fivejoy hammock

This hammock is the best! I am so in love with it! It is made of super strong material and holds up to 400 pounds plus it has a built in bug net! That was very much needed!


  • ✓ Material: Parachute Nylon; Size: 102″ (L) X 54″ (W); Packing Size: 8″ (H) X 6″ (Φ); Weight: 1.25lbs; Weight Capacity: 400lbs
    ✓ 2 X carabiners are included; built-in carry bag, attached to the hammock, serves as a phone/key/wallet pocket while you’re in the hammock.
    ✓ Comes with mosquito net protecting you from insects
    ✓ Comfortable, sturdy and durable, tear resistant, quick dry, mildew resistant. Extremely lightweight and compact, super easy to set up and take down. Great alternative to bulky sleeping bag and tent during warm weather. Perfect for travel, backpacking, camping, hiking, relaxation, lounging around.
    ✓ Hammock strap NOT included – sold separatelyAre you planning for an outdoor adventure or a simply soaking in nature’s bounty? Travel with

FiveJoy protective hammock that comes with mesh net and enjoy a relaxing sleep outdoor.
Simply a preference for campers, mountaineers, hikers, backpackers, & hunters due to its:
– Ultralight parachute nylon fabric that weighs just about 24 ounces. It’s extremely portable.
– Hassle-free solo setup. It’s simple to install on your own.
– Long-lasting, dependable and reliable premium quality all-weather military-grade materials.
– Convenient easy clean material that doesn’t easily attract dirt & moisture
Just unpack this hammock from its stuff pack pouch, unfold the large dimension bed, unzip its concealed net, and tie the high-tensile ropes onto a tree branch, trunk, or beam and all is set in 5 minutes.
It’s also a:
– Perfect gift for people who are planning for adventurous sojourns & outdoor recreations
– More relaxing alternative to tents and sleeping mats
– Non-flimsy structure that holds up up to 400lbs even with frequent use
Enjoy starry night with FiveJoy bug-free hammock!




I currently live in town and it is hard to find a place of peace in my back yard with being so exposed to everyone’s back yards, this is a perfect solution! I can lay down and relax and feel safe and not on spotlight if i were just laying on a patio lounge chair! I can relax as the kids play and read a book and not get eaten alive! We have had so much rain here and the bugs are almost plague level! This is a win win and as you can see my cat enjoyed it very much! I will be taking a trip to the mountains very soon and this will be the 1st item i pack! When the kids are off on the four wheelers i will be sitting in style swinging on some pine trees! I can’t wait!

13062558_1137570849610359_1212387393_o (1)

buy yours here! It is well worth it and super affordable